Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering

Principle Investigator (PI): Jirut Meesane, Dr.Ing.

and Team

Research of Interests: 

• Biomedical Materials and tissue engineering

We consider utilizing biopolymers from natural resource to enhance the performance for using into biomedical materials: inject, gel, 2D, and 3D scaffold as artificial extracellular matrix for tissue engineering. Protein and polysaccharide was fabricated into scaffold. Structural formation, functionality, properties was emphasized.


• Biomimetic strategy for fabrication of biomedical materials

In our research, biopolymers was fabricated into scaffold as artificial extracellular matrix for tissue engineering. Biomimetic strategy was used for scaffold fabrication and modulation of artificial extracellular matrix. The structural formation of polymers during fabrication was considered. We search for the condition to enhance the performance of scaffold.


• Bionanotechnology for medical application

Self-assembly of biopolymer was considered into nano-scale. Structural formation of fibrillar proteins was monitored and the mechanism of self-assembly was considered. To search self-assembly of biopolymer for medical application is the target of our research.



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