Molecular Medicine

Principle Investigator (PI): Pasarat Khongkow, Ph.D. Molecular Oncology (Imperial College London)

Research interests:

Utilization of advanced molecular biology and cell engineering techniques to uncover the  molecular mechanisms of normal cell functions and disease processes, improve diagnosis as well as develop novel therapeutic approaches.

- Molecular Oncology/Cancer Biology

- Cell and Molecular Bioengineering

- Cell based assays

- Cellular Imaging

- Molecular diagnostics

- Aging related diseases

- Identification and validation of novel Biomarker and therapeutic targets

-Targeted therapy

- Cancer Metastasis

- Chemo-radiotherapy resistance in cancer

- Development of cell culture models for anti-cancer drug screening

- Aging, Cellular Senescence, and DNA damage response

- Molecular cosmetics, Anti-aging


Research Facility



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